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Definitely needs an exhaust to bring out that wail we all want. 😉
My moms old Singer sewing machine sounds better than stock exhaust. 😂🤷🏼‍♂️

Not complaining just waiting to have it at my finger tips to caress it. 🤫

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Alright, so they(I mean you) are the first on the planet to get it and they decide to do a 40second video with a giant azz fan blowing in the background.
Why are you punishing us all? Where's the 8 minute cinematic? In the rain, bikini and leather?

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Usually aftermarket is allowed to have bikes early to develop exhausts and tunes for them before they go public, they probably can't reveal much at all under contract.
Definitely looking forward to Graves exhaust & potential ecu flash..
-a customer.


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