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Hello Guys, I'm the noob.

Not the squid, the noob. So if anyone wants that username it may still be available.

Anyways so back in 2002 I used to post on a dirtbike forum which I think was called literally dirtbike.com. It was the only motorcycle community I was ever active in. Back then I was a 12 year old kid with a YZ85 :LOL:. With probably lower than average maturity level for a kid my age at the time. All I knew was that bike was crazy fast. There were other kids on there but I remember them being way more serious about the sport. Like those kids that could ride 85's on the tracks with 125's & 250's. That was most definitely was not me. But I still frequented the forum everyday. Looking back on that time, those people were nice. Never did they belittle or lash out at the posting of an obvious child. And reading other motorcycle forums, I get that same vibe. There's something about online motorcycle communities that's different from other forums and I can't quite describe what it is. Perhap's it's the very diverse backgrounds.

So anyways I became 16, I got my motorcycle permit and license. Didn't even have a car license. In California, at least at the time, the MSF course was mandatory for anyone under 18, and it did not satisfy the skills test portion. That course was very good, it instilled into me a lot of discipline required for riding on the street. But I still managed to do things like:
  • Try to ride off with the disk lock on.
  • Drop it and dent the tank. Then replace the tank and immediately drop it on the first ride.
  • Overheat on the 405 freeway in traffic and have to push it across five lanes to the shoulder.
  • Bump starting it because I couldn't afford a new battery
  • Close encounters involving cars that I thank the MSF and God for saving me from.
  • And my favorite a high side crash when I probably was riding too fast in the Canyons and hit a patch of gravel in a inside turn.

So now fast forward many years. I hadn't ridden for 10 years. Have a career, responsibilities, and what not. I guess I'm kinda exploring the activities I did when I was younger. Bought a 2002 XR650R because I do have memories of that bike just never rode one. Been riding that thing for a year now riding in the canyons and while I love it, it's definitely not designed for the street, at all. Then I see this rumors of a new quirky sport bike the zx-4rr. Never ridden a sport bike but can't get over that ZX-25r sound. Maybe I won't like it, I honestly do not know. But I want it in my garage. If I don't like it then it's going on craigslist to someone who would want it.

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Amazing post dude. 👏👏
It's funny that most of us have done at least a few of the examples you've given in your what not to do in your bike. 😂🤷🏼‍♂️

Welcome to the forums and you'll fit right in with this community of people waiting on the same thing you are. Their bike. 🫣

Hope ya like it enough to get into the world of track days and with your skill set of riding the dirt should come easy for you than those with zero dirt skills. 👍

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Your responsibility is to buy an XR. None of that other stuff matters as much. Concerns like family, relationships, and if you'll survive a head on collision come and go but memories of a XR live forever.
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