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Hey fellas. Got mine on Friday after getting roughed up by Chaparral Motorsports in San Bernardino for $12900 OTD. It was still cheaper than what the dealerships in San Diego wanted to do to me and I just wanted the bike ASAP so I made the 2 hour drive to pick it up.

I was stoked to find that it fits inside my VW Vanagon with the slider door closed. I'm the president of the ZRXOA (ZRXOA Message Board) and my ZRX has to be transported with the door open. This bike fits perfect in there.

I took it out yesterday and put 165 miles on it. It's a great bike and I'm loving it so far. No bike in my life has made me feel so comfortable to drag knee. I can't wait to spin this engine up to 16k. My other pint size demons are Aprilia RS250's and the suspension on the Kawi is just as maneuverable as those except it's way more stable. I am really impressed.

First priority is to get a Graves full system, air filter and unlock this ECU.

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Here's a photo of some of my fleet. The second RS250 and my R6 not pictured.

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Welcome aboard AV8OR!

Guys he IS the real deal , Super great guy and VERY knowledgeable about a wide range of topics.

I'm proud to call him a friend. :)(y)
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