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Roadside emergency kit ideas

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Track guys and racers, this probably isn't for you.

I cut my teeth with dual sports and adventure bikes. This ones a new animal for me but some habits die hard.
I wanted some small kit that would allow me some resources to deal with typical breakdown stuff while riding the pavement but without bags of stuff strapped to the bike.
Obviously space is extremely limited.

Here is what I have come up with so far:

Left to Right:
  1. 4 air gun co2 carts
  2. CO2 tire filler
  3. 7" schrader valve extension
  4. decent tire pressure gage
  5. small vice grips
  6. plug-n-go tire tools
  7. tire plugs with valve cores, valve core tool, valve stem caps
  8. spare plug-n-go tool ends
  9. 2x every fuse in the fuse blocks w/fuse remover clampy tool
  10. paint can opener/scraper but also beer bottle opener ;)
  11. case
Its far from comprehensive. There is not room on this bike for that. But the intention is to have something to deal with the most likely to happen...flat tire, blown fuse, imported beer :D I estimated the number of co2 carts based on past experiences with other bikes and its not apples to apples at all. I will be testing how many it takes to get up to street PSI. Based on what I know for other slightly different tubed tires (150/70/17) and lower pressures, 3 is enough. I think I will be in the ballpark with 4 to at least "get on down the road" and find a gas station or something while taking it easy.

I will keep fine tuning this, only so much room to work with and I am trying to be realistic about whats most likely that can be dealt with but right now it all fits in the bag, on the bike, in the tail (with tidy and a bracket removed):

I can provide links for just about all of it but the case - I got that from Frys maybe? it was in my work stuff and I know Ive had it for years.
Main goal is to get anyone like minded thinking about what may be best for their situation.
I fully admit, a road side coverage plan is cheap enough and easy enough - I just like to deal with things on my own, or at least the stuff I can plan for :)

What am I looking at next:
tender/jump start battery harness
small tool kit (needs more, but....space..) think I can augment with a couple common sockets and small wire cutters
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Impressive fit, looking to do something like this too. All I have is a tire plug but it takes up a lot of space.
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I started with this one. I have used it before and its decent. Basically stripped everything out of the case it comes in and removed the insert thing on the insert tool with the oval eye. That part will work but I need to cut it down on so its not wider than the tool handles when oriented correctly for the bag. only thing in the kit that didnt make it over was the round thing of lube for the plugs. If you read the reviews, its basically just petroleum jelly - soon as I find some trial/travel size things of Vaseline, it will get added to the small bag.
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I'm using the Slime kit on the Ninja400.
The Slime kit in conjunction with the OEM Kawi tool kit is all there when I need it.

The Slime kit fits perfectly in my tank bag out of the way in its compartment still leaving room in the bag for a drink and snacks.

Even a basic kit is all you need in an emergency. 👍
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For the tools, thin hex keys like this can be perfect - not just for economy of space, but they're also great at bolts in tight spaces. I also take threadlocker - can't pack a torque wrench, so if anything critical comes off you can be sure it won't again until you hit a garage.

Would be interesting to put together a list of what the best set of bolts to take on a longer trip would be. The most likely to need replacement but also those that will cover the most holes (e.g. if M6's are used the most, should probably take some of those).
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Should have mentioned I already have the OBD adapter cable (Thanks MotoMikey!) plugged in and routed down towards the main seat.

I will probably end up with one of the inexpensive Android OBD bluetooth scanners to use with the Torque app on my phone.
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Can I show what my tool kit consists of? I don't sell or market anything in it, but it is very complete and compact.
Let me know, Cheers.
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Can I show what my tool kit consists of? I don't sell or market anything in it, but it is very complete and compact.
Let me know, Cheers.
Why not?
None of us here are sponsored by the companies we've mentioned for the kits we have so sure. 👍
I cannot find the pics right now, I will, or I'll shoot new ones.
Here is my list:

So, I was cleaning up and restocking it today.
Here's the list...pretty much...

Four Armstrong (they make Snap-On and Craftsman stuff) open end wrenches. Only one duplicate size with these babies!
Four assorted "towels" that get big when they get wet
Roll of Miracle Silly-Cone tape from a hawker at the fair/bike show
Dymag-specific valve stem. They are 8.3mm and on a Sunday in Lancaster you ain't gonna find one
Two shortened Allens for rear axle, swingarm pivot and front axle tool, to be turned by open end wrenches
90º dental pick to reinstall airbox boots
Pocker screwdriver the fits Kaw pilot jets
Pelican flashlight...incredibly bright and has lithium batteries that last forever
Ti axle tool for my Ti front axle
Leatherman CRUNCH & bag. Vise-Grip type multi-tool. Will work as a shifter or brake, etc. EVERY Motorcycle SHOULD have one under the seat!
Cable ties, extra long, for my Mo'Flo! setup
Bag of carb o-ring in case anyone has problems
Tube of JB Stick Weld, a putty that sets in five minutes. Great for broken clutch covers or oil pans
Bicycle shock pump, in case someone that's not me gets a flat
Screwdriver blades, fit in holder of Leatherman CRUNCH
Factory Kaw plug wrench...there ain't nuttin' better
Assorted Allens...make sure you have all the ones that fit all the aftermarket stuff on your bike
Three C02 cartridges and adapter
Progressive Suspension tire plug refill kit and insert-er-er
Mini roll of Duck tape
Extra Slipper Clutch actuator spring. I have seen some broken on the clutches I buy for cores...just in case
Roll of baling wire
Roll of "Stik Tite" radiator repair stuff. Used in Sprint/Midget car racing. You melt into radiator leak with heat...see next item
Pocket blow torch, to use with above
Extra o-rings for my Oberon gas cap...I had a problem with the gas in Colorado years ago and they swelled up triple size
Motion Pro Seal Mate, to un-jamb a fork seal. Works like 35mm film, only better
Snap-On tire pressure gauge
Tiny package of Red LocTite...ask me why sometime...
Couple 15A fuses, sometimes it takes a while to find a short...
Kwik Wipes hand cleaner...I like my Kushitani gloves and grease inside make a friggin' mess
Green Proctologist gloves...did I mention Green?
QuickStand to lube/adjust the chain, or change a tire...be careful!
Not shown: Packs of glasses/facesheild wipes from Motorex

All the above, except shock pump, fits neatly inside the rear storage box and there's a bit of room left for Hall's MenthoLyptus cough drops, etc. I usually have a pull throttle cable in the main compartment, JimyJ needed one once...

I carry the above not only for me, but remember, the ride is only as fast as the slowest guy. If your riding buddy(s) break down or, heaven forbid, crash, the whole group is often done for the day. 95% of guys/gals ride with the stock toolkit only.
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