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I made the mistake of watching the wrong youtube video, since then I couldn't get over the sound of super high revving four cylinders. That was probably 10 years ago at this point. A few years later, I bought a vintage grey market CBR 250R from Canada (not the RR... Its two years too old to be one) and convinced my dad to buy a few VFR 400s as well.

Old picture, its got both mirrors on it, working on getting a cleaned up side cover for the right side painted in the correct color. Parked next to a buddy's CBR 250R which shares the same name.
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I just can't help parking next to the modern CBR 250R's when I can find them.
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I followed the rumors of the ZX25R years before it released. I had a feeling it would never make it to the U.S., but kept hope up that it would, waiting through years of bike releases being repeatedly disappointed. Even though its a bigger, lower revving model, i'll take the ZX4RR with nearly as much enthusiasm as the 25R anyday!

Already got a deposit down on one, this will be bike number 5. In addition to my CBR 250, i've also got a 2nd gen SV650SF, an RC51, and a Virago 250..

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