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More mods installed

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installed to this point

Yoshimura Hepta Force exhaust,windscreen,frame sliders
DNA filter
GB Racing case savers
Samco high performance silicon hose kit
Driven sprockets,sprocket nuts,brake lever guard ( RK chain and smog plates to come)
Accossato quick release fuel cap
winglet style mirrors
Michelin Power Cup EVOs 120/70 160/60
ECU has been unlocked and GP shift pattern engaged ( tune coming)
SCRacing tail tidy
TST front turn signals
Kawi cowl cover and sport seat

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Vehicle
Tire Wheel Crankset Vehicle Bicycle wheel
Tire Fuel tank Wheel Automotive fuel system Automotive lighting
Tire Wheel Vehicle Motorcycle Automotive tire
Automotive tire Circle Terrestrial plant Auto part Automotive wheel system
Tire Wheel Bicycle Bicycle frame Bicycle wheel
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Man, that exhaust looks so good. Hoping to get one by the end of the year.
Frame sliders look mint. 🥰
I'll be wanting the Accossato quick release fuel cap too to match the N400 setup. 😍
Looking fresh. 🤙
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@misnblu the yosh frame sliders are awesome and install easy !

what color cap would you like?
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This must be the ZX25R exhaust right ? When i called Yoshimura sales dep last week they said they have no exhaust in production for now for the ZX4RR. Unless he lied to me haha.
@netherlash there are no companies at the present time making a full exhaust for the ZX4RR for the USA market, so yes all the parts I'm imorting especially the exhaust is for the 25R
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@SCracing do you have a link for the frame sliders ?
@netherlash check out my youtube channel for everything I stock and selling for this bikeSCRacing00
@misnblu the yosh frame sliders are awesome and install easy !

what color cap would you like?
I'll take red like on my N400. 👍
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