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Hello from Ontario

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Hello all, secured a deposit for the RR at a dealer in Hamilton (if you’re familiar with the GTA) would have liked to go with the R but I personally can’t stand black bikes. When I was looking for a first bike I was trying to find a FZR400 but ended up with an RZ350. I’ve been looking for a smaller super sport since then. Coming from two stroke dirt bikes and the RZ the 4RR should be a similar riding experience. I also have a 86’ VFR750 and a 93’ CBRF2 that serve more practical roles in the stable. I’ll probably end up selling the RZ as it doesn’t get ridden enough to warrant what they’re worth nowadays. Excited to take delivery and see what this whole fuel injection/quick shifter stuff is all about!
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Has your ZX-4 RR come in yet? I’m from Hamilton as well, and would love to sit on one of these to compare it to my Yamaha R3. 😀
I ordered through Sturgess Cycle, unfortunately work has been busy and I haven’t emailed them for an update yet. Last time I checked they still had a ZX-4R unspoken for, could shoot them an email and see if they’re getting it in anytime to compare to the R3. When my bike comes in I’ll post an update here 👍
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