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Hello from Canada

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Greetings all, noticed there weren't many black ones here and thought I'd share a picture 馃榾.

I'm looking at exhaust systems on ebay from zx25r(r)'s and I was wondering if they all fit on our bikes?
This is a commuter bike and I I'm not looking to spend big money therefore I'm simply looking at removing the exhaust restrictions and giving it a bit more sound.
The ko brand looks quite decent but they told me it doesn't fit our bikes...
Anyways, thanx in advance and happy riding!
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Welcome....The zxr has a couple of friends lurking in the back ground.
Hah! Yea it's kind of a family thing.. the 4r is a blast around town but it's not exactly the right tool for longer distances 馃槄.. it would only need a better suspension and cruise control but I guess it can be cured in time..
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Black looks fantastic!! :love:
I have a BMW RT1200P police bike for commuting. The right answer to how many bikes is enough is always n + 1 :ROFLMAO:
What's the difference between the police ones? Those rt1200's look like they can handle east to west coast without breaking a sweat. My s1000rr is very comfortable for road use I can only imagine these big bikes being awsome for long vacations 馃槑
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