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Deposit Down

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Hi all! Old to motorcycling, brand new to riding them on pavement. Haven't even got a motorcycle license yet, but this bike finally made me go for it.

I've put my deposit down on a ZX-4RR, the only one the dealer has been allotted. They are getting 1 of each variant 4R/4RR. The single R would be more than enough moto for me, but FOMO on the quick shifter for the complete package has me willing to spend the extra $1000.

Dealer says April, which more than likely means early May. Oh well, more time to get some dough together as a down payment. I'll have the bike before my license, so it'll be nice to just park it in the shop and gawk at for awhile but I'm sure the bike being here will speed up the process and get me motivated.

200 bucks shy of 14k OTD.. Not terrible when you figure a KX 250 is almost the same price here.

Cheers boys!! Let ya know when it comes home for sure.
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Hi, best of luck with the license.
Thanks fella! I've got the bike part sorted, now I've gotta get the timing right for the M1, then M2 safety course + road test 60 days later. Looking forward to it!
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I don't know how it works now but way back in 99 I got the m1 with a simple written test and was able to ride around for months. Which I did with a bike that was way too heavy for me. When I took the weekend course they gave me a 50cc which was just easy.
Is it the same with that m1 ride in daylight and alone?
100% buds. 30 mins before/after daylight, no roads higher than 80km/hr, 0% BAC. Gotta hold onto that for a minimum of 60 days, then you can take the course that gets you your M2 (that you did on the 50) and opens up restrictions a bit.
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